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Dog Daycare

Prima Dogga caters to daycare for small dogs (30 lbs and under with some flexibility for "lowlongs" such as Basset Hounds and Corgis). As a courtesy for our daycare clients we do offer dog boarding services.

Our facility is equipped with heat for the winter and air conditioning for summer for your pet's comfort.

We do daycare a little differently. Every dog has a rest space that is their "home base" during the day. All dogs have a mid-day break in their rest space and this is a great opportunity for them to have lunch or work on a stuffed kong or puzzle toy from home. Throughout the rest of the day we offer a variety of interactions from monitored dog-dog play, to toy time, walks around the 10 acre property and snuggle time.

We strive to provide your pet a safe, fun, enriching experience while not overstimulating them. However, not all dogs take to daycare from the get-go, or they may "age out" of their enjoyment of it as they mature. We continually monitor your pet's behavior to keep you up to date on any concerns we may have and if daycare may not be the best fit.

Daycare is for sociable dogs. If your dog is fearful of other dogs or has poor play skills, daycare will likely not be suitable for you pup.


1 Dog: $25 per day
2 Dog Families: $45 per day

Pick-Up & Drop-Off Hours

We do not provide daycare services on the weekends. Special drop-off and pick-up times may be arranged in advance for a $25 fee by calling (802) 985-2248.
Drop-Off: 7:30 to 10:00 AM
Pick-Up: 3:00 to 5:30 PM