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Dog Training

Prima Dogga is dedicated to positive reinforcement training. As a Certified Pet Dog Trainer, Liz is focused on keeping current with the most up to date training methods and animal learning research.

Most private training is done in your home. However, depending on the issues being addressed sometimes we will meet in a park or other location for the session. There are three main services offered through Prima Dogga LLC. In the case of any behavior problem, prior to meeting you and your dog, I will email a behavior history form for you to fill out in advance of our first session.

In cases of aggression we will arrange a pro-bono meeting here at our facility where I will give you the behavior history and aggression screening forms to fill out for our first session.

This initial visit is not a training session, it is simply a brief meeting to meet you and your dog, gather information about the dog and for me to be sure I feel comfortable taking the case. The reason for this is that if you decide to proceed with my services there is a minimum of three sessions in three months that you agree to comit to.

For basic obedience and manners the behavior history is not necessary. Training services are also available for certain basic obedience and behavior problems here at Prima Dogga. These services are meant as supplemental training while your dog is visiting with us for daycare or boarding. We do not board dogs solely for training purposes.

Types of Training Sessions

Standard Training: The first is standard training where I come to your home, assess the dog and teach you how to teach your dog. Each session typically lasts from 1-1.5 hours. I load you up with information and homework and you get to work. Typically a few sessions will suffice. For fear/aggression cases I require a commitment of 3 sessions within 3 months to ensure you understand the protocol, are able to implement it, and we can fine-tune the protocol as needed.

One-on-One: The second approach is where I come to your home to work with the dog one-on-one and get him up to speed. Then there is a transition period where we transfer the commands and techniques to you so that you can use them successfully with the dog. One-on-one training is also available for certain commands and behavior problems here at Prima Dogga. Typically this is done when you are already going to be boarding your dog with us or they are here for daycare. This approach requires more of my time, but since I am able to work directly with the dog the hourly rate is reduced.

C.A.T.: The third approach is typically usesd only for aggression cases (dog-dog, dog-human) and is set up as a set fee per day. The complexity of the issue and the number of triggers the dog has will help determine if this is the best approach for you and your dog. This technique is called Construction Aggression Treatment (aka: Shaping Away Aggression) and is one of the newest methods in dog training.

In all cases above an initial consultation is required with your and your dog. This typically lasts 1-1.5 hours.


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Group Classes

I am not currently offering group classes, but I recommend Humane Society & Show Me The Biscuit classes.